Updated 10.27.2018

We are aiming for 90% voter registrations in California.

Only some of the politicians share this info with you.

Click here to share with your friends. At least make everyone aware that they can vote. Or at least only send to your friends that you agree with. Kappa.

Register to vote initiative

Click the video to find out how!

If you are from somewhere else click here

Why are voting days not holidays? - Brian

Should tax day be a holiday also?

If you can’t figure out how to vote without help, maybe you shouldn’t be voting.

Pro tip: we pay the state to employ people to make sure you can vote. And if you’re reading this, google it.

Why do we have to register every time there is an election?

Why do they still use paper ballots? or at least offer the option for an online guide. Would they still charge each candidate per word for a statement that was only available online?


Why did I get 3 cards mailed to me before the Primary election and why have I not received my ballot?

Is it because I registered a new party?

This election will be interesting.