Create an entirely online education system pre-k to at least associate degree. According to all state standards. This probably already exists. This means all a student would need for their courses was connection to the internet and a computer. Now with this as a base, students would still interact with others of the same age in person to learn other skills. It might create an abundance of education in the U.S. Even prisoners could use it!

First we need to fix the keyboards but that’s too much ranting. Learn about the problem here.

What to learn

promote college -> fix pre-K to 3rd because that is how the states determine how many prisons to build

prevent people from going to jail

mental health

more self aware

more reflective

online education system

automatic grading as much as possible

system focuses primarily on the intellect

older students should teach younger students

group working skills

based on ability rather than by age

what skills do we want them to learn

service industry training

incorporated into prison system

learn English based on their interests.