Solve three problems:

  1. Use the internet to gain more revenue

  2. More people to know about you

  3. marketing strategy

    1. What is your current marketing strategy?

    2. better targeting

Businesses with low ticket items


Date price

juice bars



Approach 5 clients a day

Approach 20 clients per week

Facebook ads more target

Not collecting leads,

Use email marketing

Use text Marketing

Potential leads that might come into a resturant

Generate sales

Have your offer right here collecting emails?

Targeted story adsStory ads

Use instagram

Business page

Written, video/audio, image

DM on insta is important

Lifestyle/fashion brand snap

Twitter is a counter punch platform for copy

creative writing


Voice interaction

1. Take a poll finding out what topic your audience would buy.
2. Create a digital course and Ebook for free
3. Do a FB live about that topic and interact with viewers
4. Keep a warm lead list
5. Do an open ended question about that topic
6. Have 6 people share that question and tag you 1st comment
7. Connect with comment responders
8. Get on video call with ALL of them and direct sell Ebook or Course

influemcers marketing

Instagram stories

Short 30 sec videos

facebook videos